The Bridge Sets Off The Final Chorus Like The 4th Of July – Step 6

The bridge of a song gives the listener a break from monotony and adds a new color to your song.The bridge adds a different dimension to a song by varying the melody, rhythm, and harmony before leading into the final hook/chorus. After the bridge, the final hook/chorus becomes more exciting and usually repeats itself at least once before the song ends.

You can greatly improve your songwriting by including a bridge if your particular song calls for it (not all of them do!).

In verse-chorus songs, sometimes you want to add the bridge in order to provide more excitement in the final chorus.

To construct the bridge, follow these tips:

1. Sing the whole song either out loud or in your head until you reach the end of the 2nd chorus. Focus on the melody when you get to this point, then…..
2. When you reach that point, say the word “wowwwww……..” and draw it out really long as if expressing amazement, and you just might hit or come close to the first note in the melody you want to use to take the listener to another dimension in the bridge.

3. Another thing you might want to try is taking the pitch of the final note of the hook/ chorus, and randomly picking a higher or lower note and using that as your starting point for the melody in the bridge.

4. If you get stuck lyrically, try these tips:

(a) think of something to say that will shed some new light on your story in the bridge and the final hook/chorus will be naturally heard in a fresh, different way.

(b) Go back in time/reminisce, then come back to the present right before or during the hook/chorus.

(c) Write the bridge lyrics about what you need, what you know, what you’re going to do, etc., as it relates to the song.

At this point if you haven’t already, decide if and where you will add a rap, spoken word, or instrumental part in the song.

With practice and experience you’ll instinctively know if and where your song needs a bridge with a great melody to really make the final chorus shine. Your songwriting will be at a high level.


Pro songwriters know many songs go through a metamorphosis – that is, they write, write, and rewrite their songs until there are no wasted words and they’re happy with the polished, final creation.

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