Songwriting Can Make You Come To Your Senses

Use all of your five senses to open up your songwriting.To really impact listeners, you need to make a connection with, yes-I know it sounds corny – their hearts! This doesn’t mean you’ll end up with a sappy song, and I’ll spare you the scientific mumbo-jumbo, but it’s a fact that humans react more intensely to the five senses when their brains are stimulated in a fresh, original way. This is why your new boyfriend or new girlfriend’s touch feels so exciting-you get the idea!

We can use this same concept in our songwriting technique, which means you need to constantly come up with fresh, original ways to say things that have already been said a thousand times before.

1. To get started, let’s review the basic five senses: touch,taste, smell, sight , and sound.

2. Now start thinking of related words you can substitute for each of the five senses such as:

touch = feel, caress, brush, 
stroke, etc.
taste = savor, sip, gulp, nibble, 
smell = inhale, breathe, scent,
sight = see, look, gaze, stare, picture, etc.
sound = hear, ringing, crash, thud, etc.

Use Rhymezone to come up with related words for all the five senses and keep them in your songwriting technique arsenal for constant new ideas and fresh ways to express your songwriting lines.

3. Now let’s rewrite the following lines to really make our listeners feel their five senses working:

When I kiss you it feels so right    
I need to see you again every night..

Very plain line, isn’t it? There’s no originality and very little feeling.

Songwriters working their five senses would use something like:

When my lips meet yours I'm meant
To be lost in your arms till I'm spent..

Much better! Now, that line may not win you a Grammy, but I exaggerated both examples to give you a clear idea of working with the some of the five senses in an original manner.

4. Now for the grand finale!

Use your sixth sense in your songwriting technique. Yes, that undeniable wave of a feeling that enters your mind through your first five senses and settles in the pit of your stomach just in time to let you know what word or line you should or shouldn’t use, what works and what doesn’t, and the most important part of all-what your listener will feel and what they won’t feel as a result of your writing.

Music has the ability in itself to move people emotionally in a big way. Yes-you can control your listener’s emotions for 3 minutes with powerful songwriting using your six senses!

It simply takes practice and the habit of trusting your gut (sixth sense) once you’ve created, rewritten, and polished your song using the five senses.

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