How to Write Pro Quality Songs – Part 1

Learn how to write songs like a pro by learning songwriting principles and by practicing them.If you don’t read music, don’t play an instrument, or even if you don’t have any musical experience whatsoever you can still become a great songwriter if you really want to!

Writing quality songs requires 2 things: you have to like music and you need to have the desire to learn the craft of songwriting.

But wait! Don’t start burning holes in your pockets just yet with one songwriting course after another. You need to learn the basics first!

These free songwriting tips are without a doubt, the cheapest, easiest, and most effective way to get started on your pro-quality songwriting journey!

Free songwriting tips are plentiful, but one of the best is to find a great book or two to teach you the basics. Great songwriting takes practice and more practice, but you will never realize your full potential unless you know the basics first!

If you don’t read music, don’t play an instrument, or even if you don’t have any musical experience whatsoever you can still become a songwriter if you really want to!

So grab your hairbrush, look in the mirror, and visualize yourself on stage singing your latest masterpiece while a thundering chorus of “aaahhhhs” fill the arena with these foolproof pro songwriting tips:

1. You need to know songwriting involves writing lyrics and writing music (melody, harmony, and rhythm).

2. Get your hands on “The Craft Of Lyric Songwriting”, by Sheila Davis for less than $10.00 US, used and in good condition from

This is one of two books I recommend for learning the “lyrics” aspect of songwriting and it is considered by many pros and amateurs to be their songwriting bible! This book will more than get you on the right songwriting path because it covers all the lyrical basics in detail.

With this book you’ll be inspired to begin writing your own lyrics even if it’s one line at a time. Start slowly, come up with one line, and begin singing that line with any melody until you hit on something you like. Experiment!

3. Get your feet wet in learning either the guitar or piano and you’ll hear a world of possibilities open up for you while you start writing songs. Although it’s not entirely necessary to play an instrument and it’s a fact that some hit songwriters don’t play instruments or even read music, the majority of songwriters eventually do learn to play an instrument because of the added dimension it brings to their songwriting skills.

Jamorama and Guitar Alliance are two of the best learn guitar courses available and they’re the closest thing to having a real guitar instructor at your side coaching you the whole way, at a mere fraction of the cost! If you want to learn piano, consider the best-selling Piano Wizard or Rocket Piano.

4. If you consistently practice 20-30 minutes a day, after a month or so, you will more than likely have enough knowledge to try to write your very first song. So dive in!

Imagine the shock on your German Shepard’s face when she hears you howling your first creation into your hairbrush! By this time you’ll be familiar with “The Craft Of Lyric Songwriting”, by Sheila Davis so take the time to review the book and see if you can pick apart and analyze songs on the radio by applying methods you’ve learned in the book. You’ll find songwriting is becoming clearer and clearer. Don’t be surprise if soon thereafter you’re able to immediately recognize strengths and flaws in your own songwriting–this is a natural progression!

If you’re an intermediate or advanced songwriter, dust off your copy of “The Craft Of Lyric Songwriting”, by Sheila Davis and re-read it from time to time to stay focused and sharp on your songwriting craft–it can only help and add inspiration.

You now have the secret to pro-quality lyrical success in songwriting. In part 2, I’ll show you the only songwriting book you’ll ever need to apply the musical aspect of songwriting. I will prove to you that learning how to write songs is more about putting effort in than spending a crazy amount of money on internet courses. Many of these courses are worth your time, but only after you learn the basics first. And believe it, people have written hit songs knowing much less than what I’m exposing here in this three-part series!

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